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Cosmetic Dentistry

With cosmetic dentistry, you have an abundant amount of procedures available. From tooth whitening to bridges, we will review the treatment options you might consider after your visit here. Dr. Kwon of Glassell Dental intends for all his patients to be delighted after a visit to our office. It is possible to restore your smile to the way it was, or make it better than ever. You can get a complete dental makeover or just one procedure done to improve your look. We want you to be inspired to do more things in your life once you’ve experienced the results of cosmetic dentistry treatments. There are so many procedures possible, so many decisions to make. We are here to guide and help you; we are your partners in dental health and beauty.

Feeling left out or even impaired because of an unattractive smile can be a frightening situation. Forget how you once felt about that grin and be astonished with your transformation! You may be thinking of starting with teeth whitening or bonding for a simple fix, and that’s okay. Together, we will discuss all your options and we’ll listen to your concerns and goals. After a comprehensive exam, we can make recommendations to enhance your oral health and your smile.

Implants and bridges can help fill gaps, and Invisalign can straighten teeth. Whatever your esthetic concerns may be, we offer a solution. Think of how you want your smile to appear, even bring us pictures of smiles that you love. After a comprehensive examination, we can review all your options during your consultation to ensure you understand what the pros and cons are, if any. You do not have to settle on any procedure if there is another way of doing it. You should feel comfortable and relaxed at our office and we intend on keeping it that way.

Changing your look can change how you feel about yourself. If your smile is holding you back, we’d like to help. Dr. Kwon is a motivated dentist eager to begin your journey in cosmetic dentistry with you!

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