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Crowns and Bridges

Here at Glassell Dental, we want you to be delighted with any dental work done for you. Dr. Kwon offers many types of crowns and bridges for your convenience and needs. There are full cast crowns, ceramic, all-porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal alloys. We want your crown to fit with superb functionality and create a unique beauty you and others will appreciate for years to come. We want you to see the very best outcome of your choices in dentistry and a bridge or crown might be what you need to restore your smile.

Millions of Americans, evenly spread across the country, have been victims of either tooth decay or gum disease. Whilst dental bridges replace lost teeth, dental crowns strengthen the weakened teeth providing optimal form and function.

Dr. Kwon is proud of his work and the talented dental team at Glassell Dental. He has a loyal team of certified people who care about you. Don’t just sit back and miss out on having dental health and beauty you will love!

The procedure for receiving a crown or bridge is very similar. Teeth that are receiving crowns are shaped to facilitate a secure bond and excellent retention. A dental crown is cemented over a weakened tooth to strengthen and protect it while restoring its functionality and appearance. A dental bridge is two crowns with an artificial crown fused between them. The crowns are cemented over the teeth adjacent to the gap from a missing tooth, placing the artificial tooth in the empty space, effectively replacing the lost tooth.

With the natural look and function of crowns and bridges, these proven treatments can restore the appearance and functionality of your smile after disease, decay, or trauma.

Dr. Kwon invites you to come in for a consultation and see if crowns or bridges are on your list of dental procedures you need.