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Why patients in Orange, California should visit a quality dentist at Glassell Dental

Patients in Orange, California, and surrounding communities who are interested in visiting a quality dentist are encouraged to contact Dr. Jay Kwon of Glassell Dental.

At Glassell Dental, we understand how important the smile can be. It is the first impression patients give to others. The smile can give a sense of pride and self-confidence. It can be a non-verbal way for patients to communicate with others. By keeping it beautiful and healthy, patients can enjoy the positive self-esteem they can derive from their smiles.

Dr. Jay Kwon and the team of Glassell Dental provide patients with the services they need to attain a healthy smile and keep it for life. Using preventative treatments such as professional cleanings and examinations, patients can ensure they are following appropriate home health care habits between visits. We also provide general dentistry services including fillings and restorations to help in maintaining a healthy smile even after problems such as decay occur. Patients who have concerns such as periodontal disease can visit Dr. Jay Kwon for treatment to help in controlling the condition. Diagnosis and treatment are essential to maintaining the health and wellbeing of the mouth and body when periodontal disease and other problems manifest in the mouth.

It is important to work with a quality dental team that has the experience and training to offer comprehensive dental care. Our practice focuses on ensuring patients have the means available to keep their teeth looking great for many years and enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful smile. We are devoted to working with our patients to accommodate their dental needs and desires and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

If you live in Orange, California or a surrounding community and are seeking a dentist who has a variety of skills and treatments available for those who need them, contact the team of Glassell Dental today to schedule your initial consultation appointment. Our team wants to ensure new and existing patients have a place to go to address their dental concerns in a way that fits their budget.

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