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Dental patients today are fortunate to be able to restore their smiles with dental implants. Once implants are placed by Dr.Kwon or an associate specialist, Dr.Kwon will work on the restorative side of the treatment. He is ready to reinvent your smile! Having dental implants can be a dream come true and that is how we intend it to be. We think you’ll be surprised by the look and feel of implants.

By replacing the root of the tooth, implants are a complete restoration. A tooth can fall out due to decay or even genes you inherited from your ancestors. Unfortunately, tooth loss can occur for a number of reasons. Regardless of the reason for the tooth loss, there is a way to restore beauty and functionality. There is no discomfort during the procedure because the patient is thoroughly numbed with local anesthetic. The minimal soreness after placement has been compared to tooth extraction by some patients. The implant will fuse with the jawbone, and the restoration will look and feel like your natural tooth.

Dental implants can improve not only your appearance, but also how clearly you speak. When you go out, you won’t have to feel embarrassed by having difficulty speaking or eating. With implants, you can eat your favorite foods and with proper oral care, your dental implants can last a lifetime. Imagine not suffering like you did in the past from a bad tooth.

With dental implants, you can replace partial dentures or stabilize full dentures. Some patients have problems with full dentures on a daily basis. They can be stabilized by just a few dental implants, transforming your denture experience. We want you to be passionate about your dental health just as much as we are. Your teeth are unique and we’d like to help you resolve your concerns and achieve your goals for dental health and beauty. Dr. Kwon at Glassell Dental invites you to visit for a consultation to see if dental implants are right for you.

Advanced Immediate Dental Implant (AIDI)

Since the introduction of dental implants in the United States in the early 1980s, millions of patients have benefited from treatment ease, comfort, restored function, and natural appearance. Advanced Immediate Dental Implants, or AIDIs, adds another aspect of value for the patient – immediate restoration.

The sophisticated design of these implant increases stability, hastens osseointegration (jawbone fusing to the implant), improves sinus function, and reduces the already low risk (about one percent) of failure.

This technology allows the patient who has a missing or extracted tooth to walk out the door with a new tooth, in just one appointment. You can smile and chew right away! This kind of immediate restoration is ideal for patients who have sufficient bone density. AIDIs are also quite successful for patients who have bone loss, with a waiting period before the final restoration is placed.

The design of these tiny implants is revolutionary, and they are fabricated to the highest standards of precision. The doctors at Glassell Dental are trained and certified in the use of AIDIs.

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