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Modern technology has come so far that you might be amazed by what we can use nowadays. A wide variety of equipments are used in dental offices across the globe. We all have a unique outlook on dentistry but still stay strong and true to all guidelines and procedures. Our computerized practice management system is powered by Patterson. Here are a few of the techniques and equipment that we provide at the office of Dr. J. Kwon.

Digital sensor x-rays are used in the dental field for a more precise view of your teeth and mouth. By having these higher definition x-rays, we can see what couldn’t be seen clearly before. Powerful and reliable, digital sensor x-rays are a functional part of our practice. We use equipment by Schick for our digital sensor x-rays as well as for our intraoral cameras.

Intraoral cameras are also used for detecting things we can’t see with the naked eye. With intraoral cameras, we can get a comprehensive view of the oral tissues.

Digital SLR cameras are one of the best pieces of equipment to use as a dentist. With such high quality imaging and amazing technology, a digital SLR camera photographs the mouth in all aspects and gives you a precision view of the oral structure.

Cordless systems for restoration and Root Canal Treatments
have an impact in dentistry and are more convenient for some treatments. Root canal treatments, also known as endodontic therapy, or RCT, are facilitated by this technology.

No-laser whitening is a procedure without the use of any lasers. You don’t need lasers to get your teeth bright and shiny. Healthy teeth can also be bleached by swab or a mouthpiece with gel. Traditional whitening does work without lasers.