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Teeth Whitening KöR Orange - Teeth Whitening KöR
If you are looking for a teeth whitening product that is permanent and whitens like no other, you must try KöR. Used by Dr. Kwon himself, he approves this product. KöR works to reach deep into the tooth to fight off even dark stains in teeth, such as those caused by tetracycline. Even some medications or too much fluoride can cause deep staining that will not respond to many types of teeth whitening treatments. Here is where we can help. Teeth whitening can benefit your life greatly. We want you to experience what millions already have-the power of the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System.

Start with a consultation and after a couple of visits and education on how to use KöR at home, we know you’ll be ecstatic with your new look! A boost in confidence and self-esteem is a great benefit after you get your teeth whitened. With more compliments and less criticism, you’ll be feeling on top of the world, and that’s exactly how you should feel! Getting to know a new, more confident you is exciting and we want to be a part of it. If you smile and try to hide behind your hand, there is a solution for you.

KöR is revolutionary. This product has rave reviews saying it is excellent. It has been designed to work on teeth that other whitening products are unable to improve, and is great for both average and hard-to-treat cases. Even stains that have been there for fifty years can vanish with the help of KöR. Being proud of a radiant smile is a wonderful thing. Never again will you have a sinking feeling that people are staring at you for all the wrong reasons. After you have your teeth whitened using KöR Whitening with Dr. Kwon, you will be ready to meet the world with a winning smile.

KöR also beats out the competition with sensitivity. With little to no sensitivity reported, this product creates a better whitening experience. Dr. Kwon used a few other products for whitening and he was very displeased with the results. In fact, he will tell you how yellow his teeth were before using this product for himself! KöR has drastically changed lives and yours could be next! Give us a call or come by and schedule an appointment.

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